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We love where we live

We love Hexham. But we think that having a more positive, proactive and approachable town council would make it amazing!

Local elections are taking place on May 6th, 2021. Your vote could finally break the one-party deadlock that Hexham has been in for years.

Let’s harness the incredible community spirit that we’ve seen over the past year and create something really special.

What is Open Hexham?

We are a group of local residents who share common values and a commitment to an even better Hexham. Nine of us are running for election to represent you on the town council – proudly as independent candidates.

We’re not a political party. Why? Because we believe party politics just gets in the way of progress at the most local level and want better for Hexham.

These independents all promise to work hard to:

We are your friends and your neighbours

As independent candidates, we all have our own view and ideas – we are not tied to a party line.  But, importantly, we have signed up to our ways of working which puts active listening with the Hexham community as the top priority. 

We're not alone...

Our approach isn’t new – we have been inspired by the success of other towns where independent candidates have reclaimed their local town or parish council from the deadlock of a single political party. From Frome in Somerset, Buckfastleigh in Devon to Haswell in County Durham, local councils are thriving by being run by local communities for local communities. Many more, including Hexham, will follow this year…

Be part of the change

We think Hexham needs councillors who support and represent the community to the council. We don’t have a manifesto, instead we have a set of ‘Values and Beliefs‘ and ‘Ways of Working‘ that ensure we’ll listen to people’s needs and always put them first.

If you share these values please join us as a supporter or put yourself forward as a potential candidate for the town council elections on 6th May

The last day you can register to vote is the 19th April 2021. Follow our voters guide for key dates and guidance.

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Everything your community probably wants addressing is within the power of a town council... If you have the right bunch of people together, the sky's the limit really!

Pam Barrett
Buckfastleigh Independents Group